Behind the Ear / On the Ear


These hearing aids are barely visible behind the ear and are supported by most people by the hairline. The discreet behind-the-ear models form are available in a number of different designs with the comfort and technology levels that can be selected as required.

All  behind-the-ear hearing aids have at least protection class IP 57 standard, usually up to IP 68. The standard test carried out here ensures the perfect functioning of the hearing aid.

Receiver in canal.jpg

Receiver-in-Canal hearing aids (RIC)

Enable an optimal hearing quality thanks to the loudspeaker located directly in the auditory canal.

Are even more discreet when carrying, as the loudspeaker allows a smaller housing design.

Depending technology levels, the hearing aids operate fully automatic.

In the case of simple technologies, a remote control or an operating element permits a subsequent adjustment.

behind the ear.jpg

Behind-the-ear hearing aids (BTE)

Are simple and comfortable to use.

Most models offer special controls for individual programs and changing the volume.

An economical operation is possible by means of a larger battery. At the same time, the battery can be easily and conveniently inserted.

Are easy to clean, as the individually made earpiece can be removed for care.

Depending on technology levels, the hearing aids operate fully automatic.