Starkey Hearing Technologies is a world leader in hearing technology dedicated to improving the hearing of patients, so that they are able to hear better and live better as a result. Starkey believe that all new hearing instruments should bring specific and measurable improvements to an individual’s hearing. They first ask patients and audiologists what features they want in their hearing aids and then they get to work on design and innovation that will improve people’s lives.

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Starkey Hearing Technologies believe that all new products should bring specific and measurable improvements to a patient's hearing. We ask patients and practitioners what features and improvements they want in their hearing aids — then we get to work.

Starkey manufactured the world's first custom Invisible-In-The-Canal hearing aid and redefined the industry by delivering the first hearing aid that utilised digital technology in a completely new way. Starkey was also a pioneer in producing the first hearing instrument to virtually eliminate feedback once and for all. They aim to bring together industry-leading innovation, a personalised service and a philanthropic approach to deliver better hearing to people everywhere.


Muse iQ is our most advanced hearing technology. It delivers supreme sound quality that allows you to be immersed in the world around you like never before. It’s designed to meet your unique hearing needs, and keep you connected to the people and things you love.

The Muse IQ range of hearing solutions are available in different styles to suit your lifestyle and level of hearing loss. The Muse IQ wirelessly connects to a TV, mobile phone and media devices to stream sound directly to the hearing aid, for a personal listening experience. The rechargeable option enables you to charge your hearing solution overnight and be assured that you have continuous, stable and uninterrupted power throughout the day.

Muse IQ incorporates the latest speech mapping technology picks out the speech you want to hear and eliminates any background noise to make it easier to hear conversations in noisy rooms and restaurants. Dual processor technology is specifically designed to automatically switch between the most suitable setting, so that you can enjoy music and conversations in a variety of listening situations.

MUSE iQr Rechargeable hearing solutions

Starkey's new best-in-class rechargeable hearing aids last 20% longer than other systems, are 30% smaller and 100% easier to use. Plus, with the industry's fastest charger, your hearing aids will always be ready to go. Our best hearing technology just got better.

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  • Immersive sound for true listening enjoyment.

  • Longest lasting charge delivers over 30 hours of superior hearing.

  • All-in-one charger holds enough charge to provide portable charging without plugging into the wall.

  • Smallest rechargeable hearing aid available today!


Halo IQ is Starkey’s most advanced technology with supreme sound quality and premium features, customisable to fit your unique hearing needs and enhance your listening experiences. The SoundSpace setting allows you to interactively change the volume of your Halo IQ. TruLink Memories geotags 20 of your favourite locations and automatically adjusts your Halo IQ settings when you enter that space. For instance, a geotagged ‘coffee shop’ memory will automatically activate when you walk into your favourite coffee shop. 

  • Deliver pristine audio and exceptional listening clarity.

  • Help you better understand conversations and hear comfortably in any noisy environment.

  • Stream phone calls, music and more, directly from your iPhone to your hearing aids.

  • Eliminate buzzing and whistling.


They’re the first and most popular custom-fit Invisible-in-the-Canal (IIC) hearing aids ever made – there is no compromise on performance, comfort and features.

Now the world’s smallest, most comfortable hearing aids allow for hands-free connectivity and media streaming from your phone to your hearing aids. Custom fit to your exact needs and unique ear shape, they rest comfortably within your ear, so only you know they’re there. SoundLens Synergy IQ comes loaded with all of our leading technology and incorporates hands-free connectivity, so that audio can be streamed from your phone or media device directly to your hearing aids.