Unitron: Best in Conversation

Unitron’s passion for bringing the latest technologies to market have succeeded in providing customers with the opportunity to be part of the “best in conversation”, providing support to enhance the most difficult of listening environments. 

Make conversations great again with technologies for comfort, clarity and realistic sound


This group of four intelligent features work together to understand your patient’s listening environment, making fluid adjustments so they can actively participate in every conversation, wherever they go.

SpeechPro provides optimal speech understanding and localization from all directions, even in the most challenging listening situations: conversations in noise and conversations in crowds.

Spatial Awareness
Spatial Awareness gets the hearing instruments out of the way so patients truly know which direction speech and sounds are coming from.

SoundNav is the building block of our SoundCore technology. It automatically identifies and classifies signals into seven distinct environments – four of them dedicated to conversations – blending them to match real life.

Sound Conductor
Automatically adjusts for speech in all kinds of conversations, provides comfort and awareness in quiet and noisy environments, and maintains natural sound quality.

SpeechZone 2
SpeechZone 2 automatically adjusts in difficult background noise, so patients can hear speech from all directions.

Antishock 2
This unique-to-Unitron feature provides optimized elimination of discomfort caused by sudden impulse noises (without completely removing the sounds or making them unrecognizable) to preserve speech comfort and clarity.

Automatic Adaptation Manager
Helps new wearers overcome resistance by gently and comfortably transitioning them from the amplification they want to the amplification they need for long-term optimal speech understanding.

Binaural Phone
Wirelessly streams audio signals from the cellular or landline phone ear to the other ear without a separate accessory, for clear, balanced phone conversations.

Unitron technology levels

T Pro – Pinpoints speech from all directions in the most challenging situations and provides the most realistic listening experience for all types of sounds, in addition to beautiful sounding music.


T 800 – Emphasizes speech from multiple directions when background noise is high and provides

realistic listening in quieter situations, in addition to beautiful sounding music.


T 700 – Emphasizes speech from the front when background noise is high and provides realistic sound in quieter situations.


T 600 – Enhances speech and provides comfortable listening.


T 500 – Improves hearing in quieter situations.

Rechargeable solutions with

freedom at their core

Unitron have recently launched their Moxi All, Behind-The-Ear range, driven by their revolutionary Tempus performance platform, equipped with SoundCore, SpeechPro, Spatial Awareness, SoundNav, SoundConductor, SpeechZone 2 and Antishock.



Charge every night for a full day of listening


After just 5-7 hours of charging they’re ready to perform for a full 24 hours. Simply pull the rechargeable aid out and put them on.


Swap in disposable batteries any time

Hearing happens around the clock. That’s why we provide the flexibility to swap the rechargeable batteries for disposable batteries any time, so you never miss a conversation, or have to worry about losing and dropping batteries as you try and change them over.

A world’s first – A Made For All solution

Moxi All is a world’s first, designed for all mobile phones, direct-to-ear hearing aid to the best in conversation.

Moxi All.jpg

What does this mean?

With the very latest developments in Technology, Unitron have been able to bring you the world’s first product that connects wirelessly to your mobile phone through Bluetooth technology. This allows the Moxi All wearer to receive calls directly through the hearing aid completely hands free